Michael Keaton's voice is cast in 'Toy Story 3'

by Joey Paur

Venkman here and it looks like Michael Keaton is going to lend his lovely voice talent to the popular man doll for girls Ken, Barbies other half. I remember a few years back reading that they got a divorce so it should be interesting to see how Barbie and Ken react to working with each other again. I guess they will have bigger roles in this 3rd 'Toy Story' film. The news broke at IESB.net:

Jodi Benson best known for the voice of Ariel in Disney's Little Mermaid franchise revealed to the IESB this weekend during an interview on Santa Catalina Island for the release of The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning that she is returning to the Toy Story franchise to voice Barbie. You may recall, she voiced Tour Guide Barbie and Barbie on Backpack in the second film.

Benson also revealed to the IESB that her Barbie will be cuddling up to none other than Beetlejuice himself, Michael Keaton, as Ken in the new film.

Keaton worked with Pixar previously voicing Chick Hicks in 2006's CARS.

Also, because I know you are all wondering, she says that Barbie and Ken do not kiss...but they do embrace.

So there you have it folks! Barbie will not kiss Ken. It looks like their is still some bitterness brewing between them.

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