Haley Joel Osment goes B-dub

by thedude

In a quiet moment of reflection the other night, as I mentally went over a list of celebrities that I could possibly take in a fight (as I do from time to time in a feeble attempt to take some of the rocks out of my over flowing bucket of self esteem), the lovable 'Sixth Sense' star Haley Joel Osment stepped into the ring of my mind. He was quickly discarded from the bout as I realized that it has been so long since I have heard of him that he is either dead or got too fat to act, and thus too out of shape to be considered a worthy opponent. ( I keeps it real yo)

Oh it seems fate has smiled on the dude yet again, our young Haley has come out of hiding. In fact, he is to star in his first broadway production of "American Buffalo", in which he will be starring along side John Lenguizamo and Cedric the Entertainer.

The play is described as " A robbery tale set in a Chicago junk shop". Nough said. You may have seen the film 'American Buffalo' from way back in 96' starring Dennis Franz (the plump guy from NYPD Blue) and Dustin Hoffman (..........Dustin Hoffman).

"American Buffalo" is the handiwork of theater/screen icon David Mamet, who boasts on his resume along with his many plays screen credits including 'The Untouchables', 'We're no Angles', 'Hoffa', 'Wag the Dog', and 'Hannibal' just to name a few.

Check it out if you are in to that sort of thing.

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