Warner Bros Waiting for Nolan in the Meantime go see 'The Dark Knight' again

by Joey Paur

Venkman here and I just have to say that all of these rumors that have blasted out over the internet the last month has ben insane. It's batfrenzy is what that is! Fan Boys and girls can't wait any longer! People just cannot get enough of 'The Dark Knight'. We all hope that Nolan comes back on to do a third Batman film. But we have to stop the madness before things get Batshit out of control so here is what I propose. Since we are a lot of people out there are still on a Batman High and we have to wait for nolan before we hear anything official, lets all go out and see the movie again to tide us over! I don't care how many times you have seen it!  You get to see your favorite movie of the year again on the big screen, and you can help push it's earnings over the edge and beat out 'Titanic', domestically anyway.

So now that we know every rumor that is circulating is false we can kind of relax. That is until the next rumor hits the net. Chistopher Nolan is currently on vacation relaxing because he deserves it and can afford it. Warner bros is not going to move ahead with the Batman story until he comes back and pitches an idea to them if he is even going to pitch one. Here is what producer Charles Roven says:

There are a lot of us who emotionally would love to do it, but it's really Chris' call. Chris is the kind of filmmaker who just doesn't think about the next movie before he has completely finished the movie he is working on. When he comes back, we will see how he feels.

So there it is. However now they know what the fans think about what the next batman could be, will they take it in the direction the fans want it to go? Who knows, lets leave it up to Nolan to decide because he knows best what to do with these characters in this world he has created.

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