David Fincher Month Comes to an End: Finchers Future

by Joey Paur


The Future of David Fincher

Well it's time we wrap up our David Fincher month here at GeekTyrant. Its been fun going back and re-watching his movies. I really learned a lot from Fincher's films again and the special features he has put together. The guy is just an incredible filmmaker.

The next film we have to look forward to from David Fincher is ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button', which looks absolutely incredible. From the two trailers I have seen I have a feeling this will be his best film yet if you have not yet seen the trailer or just want to watch it again check it our below.

On top of the IMDB list what his next film will be. It is a Sci-Fi movie called ‘Rendezvous with Rama' based on Arthur C. Clarks novel, and here is the Plot Summary:

The story is set in the 22nd century. A thirty-mile-long cylindrical starship is detected traveling on a course to pass through our solar system. A group of human explorers are selected and dispatched to intercept the ship in an attempt to discover it's purpose, ascertain if there is any threat to Earth, and answer the mysterious questions regarding it's origins and purpose. Because all extant names for Roman and Greek gods have been used on other newly-discovered celestial objects at this point, the Hindu god Rama is invoked in naming the object, which is originally mistaken to be a comet. Arthur C. Clarke's novel won both the Hugo and Nebula awards upon its release, and coming hard on the heels of "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Rendezvous With Rama" is widely regarded as one of Clarke's best works, and is often cited as a quintessential example of "hard" science fiction

Sounds frakin great to me! Producers are currently working on the adaptation and it looks like Morgan Freeman is attached to the project as well. Now that he has polished his filmmaking abilities it should be amazing to see what he does with an effects driven Sci-Fi film. We got a long way to go but I can't wait.

Now here is some information about David Fincher himself that you may not know starting off with his Film Trademarks which include:

  • [single frame insert] His movies often features several single frames that flash on the screen in the middle of a scene, which is also demonstrated by the main characters of his film Fight Club (1999)

  • Fluid tracking camera which can access anywhere; a digital age innovation in camera movement pioneered by David Fincher and Kevin Haug along with BUF Paris (perhaps inspired by earlier developments of Max Ophuls and Stanley Kubrick).

  • Silhouettes. Fincher frequently has characters in the shadows where you cannot make out their face, notably Kevin Spacey in Se7en (1995) and Brad Pitt in Fight Club (1999).

  • His films often end in a suicide, either attempted or successful.

  • His films often have low-key lighting, and also green or blue tinted color temperature.
    Wide shots.

  • Frequently casts Brad Pitt

  • Downbeat endings

Here are a list of movies He almost ended up directing. This is an interesting list because I can only imagine what some of these movies woould have ended up looking like had he directed them. Most of them would have ended up so much better had he directed them.

  • Was originally set to direct The Black Dahlia (2006), but dropped out.

  • Was originally set to direct Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991), but dropped out.

  • Was originally set to direct Mission: Impossible III (2006), but dropped out.

  • Was originally considered to direct Spider-Man (2002).

  • Was originally considered to direct Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002).

  • Turned down the offer to direct Catch Me If You Can (2002), opting to do Panic Room (2002) instead.

  • Turned down the offer to direct Batman Begins (2005).

  • Turned down the offer to direct 8MM (1999), opting to do Fight Club (1999) instead.

  • Was originally considered to direct Hannibal (2001).

Various Trivia you Might not know about his life and inspiration.

  • A founder member of Propaganda Films in 1986.

  • While growing up in Marin County, one of his neighbors was George Lucas. He later worked on the special effects crew of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983), produced and written by Lucas.

  • He works frequently with screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker.
    Has been close friends with Brad Pitt ever since working together on Se7en (1995).

  • It was the 1969 feature film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) that inspired him to pursue a career in cinema.

  • In 2005, he directed the video for 'Nine Inch Nails' (qv "Only". Ten years earlier, he used Coil's version of the Nine Inch Nails' song "Closer" during the opening credits montage of his film Se7en (1995).

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