'The Strangers 2' in the Works

by Joey Paur

I guess it no surprise that Rogue Pictures is moving forward with a sequel to the horro film 'The Strangers' which they say was based on a true story but never said what "True Story" it originated from. The have Brayan Bertino who wrote and directed the first one, coming back to write the sequel, know one knows if he is going to direct it though. Here is what the trades report:

Bertino wrote the original and made his directing debut on the film; it's yet to be determined whether he'll helm the sequel.

The expectation is that Liv Tyler, along with several of the original villains, will return. Production is being slated for early 2009.

"Strangers" became Rogue's first breakout hit, and the genre division of Focus Features is approaching the sequel as a franchise that could have the legs of "Saw" or "Scream."

Budgeted at $9 million, the film grossed $54 million domestically in a highly competitive summer release slot. It has just begun an international rollout that expands to the U.K. this Friday.

Like the original, the sequel will be a co-production of Vertigo Entertainment and Mandate Pictures, with Doug Davison, Roy Lee and Nathan Kahane producing. Rogue is co-financing along with Intrepid Pictures, whose principals, Marc D. Evans and Trevor Macy, will be exec producers.

I thought 'The Stranges' was an all around good horror movie. I enjoyed it. As for a sequel with Liv Tyler wouldn't that defeat the purpose of what the original was? Besides the point that I thought she died at the end, the only reason the attacked them was because they were home. They don't seem like the type of killers to attack the same person twice. If Liv's character even did survive I highly doubt she would continue to live in the same area that this all went down. So why would the murderers hunt her down? I could easily see same killers different victims. I cannot see Liv Tyler Different killers. I'm just confused on how they will bring Liv Tyler back effectively. What do you think?