Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'Traitor'

by Joey Paur

The first thing you need to know about this movie is you have got to be in the right mind set when you watch it. This is not an easy movie to watch. It is very slow moving and the story builds on itself as it reveals certain aspects of the story and its characters. There is a story hear and it's a story that needs to be told. It is incredibly frustrating to watch because of the elements that it puts out there. I really didn't start feeling the tension until the last 20 Minutes of the movie. It was a very good film though. It had a strong story and strong characters.


Traitor is about a man named Samir (Don Cheadle) who just got caught up in a world of being played by people. He was a U.S. Special Forces Operations Officer and the guy knows how to build bombs. Bombs that he trains terrorists to use and kill people with. Roy Clayton (Guy Pearce) is an FBI agent who is the head of an investigation on these terrorist bombings that are occurring. Everything he starts to find links the bombings with Samir. As the story builds through the investigation things get deeper and deeper revealing a plot to kill several people.

The acting in this movie is incredible. It has been such a long time since I have seen Guy Pearce act, and he was fantastic in this film. There was just a way that he played his character that I have not seen before. He just played the role so smooth and slick. I really enjoyed watching him play the character Roy. Don Cheadle was also amazing. I don't think I have seen him not play a role well. The guy is just such a great and solid actor. The movie also stared Neal McDonough as Roy's FBI partner Max, Said Taghmaoui played one Samir's terrorist friends, and Jeff Daniels had a small role in the film as well. Everyone did an amazing job.

This is the type of movie that really makes you think. Is this how things are really run? Is stuff like this actually going on right now? It would look like that answer would be yes, but to what extent? The world is a very scary place, I wish it didn't have to be this way. This movie will make you question the way things are.

Traitor was a very good film. It was a slow building story so if you are not into those kinds of movies then this may not be for you. It is also a film that you really don't have to watch in the theaters, it may be more of a rental for more people out there. Unless you're a hard core movie geek you can hold off on it.

If you do go out and see this movie just make sure you are in the right mind set so you can take it all in. Whatever you decide to go see always remember to enjoy your time at the movies.

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