Tarantino Has Cast his Nazi Jew Hunter

by Joey Paur

Venkman here and Quentin Tarantino has found the man who will play Hans Landa A.K.A the Jew Hunter in his upcomiong film 'Inglorious Bastards' His name is Christoph Waltz. He is a 51 year old German that has done played tons of roles just look at the list on IMBD.  He has got the look. He should do very well.

Also cast in the movie is Diane Kruger (Troy, National Treasure) who will play Nasstasja Kinkski.

The casting is coming together nicely. They Join a cast of so far, Brad Pitt, Eli Roth, Mike Meyers, BJ Novack, Samm Levine and Michael Fassbender.

I am really interested in who Tarantino picks to play Shoshanna.

A huge thanks to AICN for the heads up!

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