Magatron Back in Transformers 2?

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - It seems that Megatron might be making a come back in this crazy action packed sequel to Transformers. We know The Fallen is going to be in there he is kind of a Transformer from hell.  I had heard rumors of Magatron coming back for more but it looks like the rumor is gaining some speed. Here is what CHUD has to say:

Megatron may be getting brought back by the Autobots, who need him to conquer the new menace. But I've learned that this time he won't be that weird alien jet. This time he's a tank.

I wouldn't be surprised if Megatron rose from the dead. But to team up with the Autobots? Common. I don't tsee that at all. It sounds like Michael Bay may have taken a leak on the internet community with some fake piss. But who knows. What do you think? Should Megatron join forces with the Autobots to fight The Fallen? Or is this all just BS?

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