So What's the Status on the 'HALO' Movie?

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - I know it's been a while since the Halo movie movie topic has been brought up but i found some recent information today from Latinoreview. A Halo movie is pretty much dead in the water right now. It seems everyone has moved on to other projects and Halo was a great idea that was just handled wrong in every way possible by the studios and Microsoft. The only guy that had their shit together was Peter Jackson. It could have been amazing.

Well, since the halo movie faded away only one guy has kept the dream alive. A screenwriter by the name of Stuart Beattie has written a new spec script for the film. His script is based on the best selling novel Halo: Fall of Reach. I have heard this book is amazing and that this is how a series of Halo movies should begin. Stuart Beatie has written movies such as 'Collateral', 'Pirates of the Caribbean', '30 Days of Night', and 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'. 

Halo: Fall of Reach is a prequel to where the first game begins:

As the bloody Human-Covenant War rages on Halo, the fate of humankind may rest with one warrior, the lone SPARTAN survivor of another legendary battle . . . the desperate, take-no-prisoners struggle that led humanity to Halo--the fall of the planet Reach. Now, brought to life for the first time, here is the full story of that glorious, doomed conflict.

While the brutal Covenant juggernaut sweeps inexorably through space, intent on wiping out humankind, only one stronghold remains--the planet Reach. Practically on Earth's doorstep, it is the last military fortress to defy the onslaught. But the personnel here have another, higher priority: to prevent the Covenant from discovering the location of Earth.

Outnumbered and outgunned, the soldiers seem to have little chance against the Covenant, but Reach holds a closely guarded secret. It is the training ground for the very first "super soldiers." Code-named SPARTANs, these highly advanced warriors, specially bioengineered and technologically augmented, are the best in the universe--quiet, professional, and deadly.

Now, as the ferocious Covenant attack begins, a handful of SPARTANs stand ready to wage ultimate war. They will kill, they will be destroyed, but they will never surrender. And at least one of them--the SPARTAN known as Master Chief--will live to fight another day on a mysterious and ancient, artificial world called Halo. . . .

Sounds pretty cool. The script is currently making its rounds through Hollywood, but who knows if anyone will touch it. Latinoreview has released some concept art for this script, which really means nothing at this point anyone can get concept art done. They all so say a presentation is being put together to pitch to Microsoft. I would love to see a great Halo film made! But if it goes the direction it looks like its going it may end up a disaster. Check out the concept art.

This concept art does not really impress me at all. Its pretty weak if you ask me. But whatever, at least there is a person out there that still gives a damn. If this spec script starts to gain momentum it would be interesting to see who is brought on the project. 

Heres the thing. There was already a script, Peter Jackson, Weta, Neil Blomkamp and even a few amazing short films they made, to get it the film rolling the first time around. If that didn't get peoples attention I don't know how a spec script and some lame concept art is going to help.

What do you think?

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