Batman Fans! Why So Serious?

by Joey Paur

Holy cow I came accross some disturbing news today. First of all I just want to point out that I loved 'The Dark Knight' it is one of the best movies of the year. But i believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if it is nagative. I love ranting about other peoples reviews I find it fun and entertaining, I would never wish death on a person or threaten them with murder! Thats just crazy! But apparently there are some very crazy people out there. Filmbrian recently pointed out a few disturbing post people had made about these negative reviews.

This one that was posted for Keith Uhlich review on Rotten Tomatos is insane and scary:

You know, some people have been so enraged by your little opinion piece that they want you to kill yourself. Please DON'T!!! You know why, because I am going to have so much fun killing you myself! I promise, it WON'T be painless. I am going to carve a smile in your face. And then I am going to carve you stomach. And you know why? Because i just want my phone call. You're my bitch now! I am going to track you down through your IP address and then I am going to f@#%!%* kill you!!!

Yeah. Crazy, right? This post was actually taken down because it is so evil. I don't agree with Keiths review either, but I would never say somthing like that to another human being. There is no need to threaten another persons life for a movie. Its just not cool. If the person that wrote this death threat was on one of those two boats in the movie he would have blown the other boat up without even thinking about it.

The world is already a crazy place.

-Dr. Venkman

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