by Joey Paur

Venkman here with some interesting casting rumor/Information for Lionsgates new 'Conan' movie and Marvels upcoming 'Captain America' film. The news come from /films. Titan whos real name is Mike O'Hearn was on a morning radio talk show in Omaha in which he said he has a meeting with Lionsgate today for the new Conan movie. He says he is past the audition stage and talked about what todays meeting is about:

"Today's not even an audition. They're bringing me in today just to sit me down and talk. How about that? It's even better than an audition!"

So will they tell him he's got the part and then start working out the numbers or what? He goes on to talk about how he also has a casting session with Marvel for Captain America. I am not sure what to think, who knows if the guy can even act. I could go along with him in the Conan movie, but I just don't know about Captain America, I think he could look the part, but acting is a huge factor. What are your feelings on the matter?

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