Eli Roth Truly is a Bastard

by Joey Paur

No really! You think I'm kidding? He is a bastard in more ways than one because it seems the director of Hostel is going to be acting in Quentin Tarantinos new movie 'Inglorious Bastards'. I have to say this casting decision really killed my buzz for this film. I was so excited for it! Then today I wake up and see this crap.

I think the script is amazing and I love the characters. Like I said before, one of my favorite characters in the story was a guy by the name of Sgt. Donnie Donowitz A.K.A. The Jew Bear. He is the character that goes around beating the shit out of Nazis with his Baseball bat. Well Damn-it-to-hell! Eli Roth is going to be playing this character!

He is definitely not what I expected the character would be like I imagined the guy as being somewhere along the lines as Kurt Russell, someone that actually has some bearness to him! Eli Roth just looks a like a little elf man to me. I sure as hell don't see him as a tough guy. Just because he baths himself in blood doesn't mean he is a bad ass tough guy. It means he is trying to compensate for something. Ok, close your eyes and imagine a little elf man trying to be a tough guy.

See it doesn't work!

The Jew Bear is supposed to strike fear in the hearts of Nazis everywhere! I just dont see the liitle elf man as The Jew Bear. Thats all I'm saying. I'm still excited for the movie just a little disapointed in the casting of this character. There are better actors out there suited for the role.

Variety also reports:

Tarantino is expected to formalize his cast shortly.

Tarantino had planned to meet with Leonardo DiCaprio for the role of SS Col. Hans Landa, only to decide that the role should be played by a German actor.

So DiCaprio is out. I thought he would have been great in the role. it will be interesting to see who else is cast as what characters.


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