Natalie Portman to star in 'Suspiria' Remake

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with some interesting news. It seems Natalie Portman is going to play the lead role in the new 'Suspiria' remake film according to Bloddy-disgusting. Natalie Portman will also be producing the film through her production company Handsom Charlie Films. Directing the remake of this horror masterpiece will be David Gordon Green whos Pinapple express movie opens up today.

'Suspiria' is a classic horror film that was directed by Dario Argento who is known for his amazing italian horror movies. If you have not seen or heard of this movie you have to watch it. As for it being remade I don't see the point.  It will be another reimagined film that doesn't need reimagining. I know for a fact it won't be anything close to the original. There is something about the original that another filmmaker just wont be able to grab hold of. It will most likely take place in modern day and... its just not worth it.

Green himself said a couple months ago regarding the remake:

"it doesn't make a lick of sense."

The he says:

"Supiria is a classic to me. I want to be scared. I want to be afraid," he said to MTV. ..."It's an opportunity to take all artistic excellence and be inspired by what was a low budget Italian 70's gore movie. Where the art world meets the violent and supernatural. I would love to get every geek that loves torture porn and every old lady in line to see ‘Phantom of the Opera' to come and have this insane experience."

So then why the hell is he doing it? Money? Who knows. I think Natalie Portman is a great actress and she will do well in the role. But if she wants to do a horror movie why not create an original horror story? Are these people in Hollywood that say they are creative, not creative at all? What the hell?

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