'V' The Movie

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with some information regarding a little alien movie called 'V'. If you have heard of or seen the TV show this movie is based off of will you please raise your hand. I remember as a kid I use to watch this show with my parents. I rember the really cool red uniforms everyone wore, the awesome giant UFO's, and the lizard alien people that want to take over the world. I was about 5 years old when this was on TV, and I sure as hell can't remember the major plots or the drama around it. But I remember my parents talking about it with everyone so it must have been a pretty kick ass show... for the 80's. I actually watched a couple episodes online recently and it wasn't as awesome as I remember. It was actually pretty bad. As a kid it was great! But as an adult living in the 80's it was the best they could get for Sci-fi TV I guess.

Well, it looks like a script has been written for a film and latinoreview got itself a copy, read it and put up a little review for it. The creator of 'V' Kenneth Johnson has been trying to get a equel made to his TV series for years. But, it looks like this V movie is going to be a remake of the original TV series. So here is what latinoreview thought:

Loved it then, and love it still. The script's biggest success is modernizing the premise into a well-paced story that draws parallels to the modern war in Iraq. As a script, V: THE MOVIE tells an epic story solidly. The plot follows many key and important characters but focuses mainly on news cameraman Mike as he fights his way to expose the true nature of the hostile alien threat, while joining a small but growing number of human resisters against the alien occupation.

The story worked 25 years ago and still works today. The lead characters, the central conflict and the overall plot are extremely similar to INDEPENDENCE DAY and V FOR VENDETTA and in fact V: THE MOVIE could be pitched as those two mentioned rolled into one. Drawing upon the major Orwellian themes found in the aforementioned films, while coupling it with a blood thirsty hostile alien race looking to steal earth's resources and enslaving mankind, the script is no doubt HUGELY commercial!

They go into much more detail on the script so if you want to read it CLICK HERE. It sounds like the movie is going to be huge! It is sure to be a tentpole film for who ever snatches it up. I love Sci-Films and I loved what I can remember about the show from 1983, and after watching some of those episodes again, I say it could use a decent reboot. What do you think?


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