Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'Pineapple Express'

by Joey Paur

It's been a long time since I laughed this hard in a movie like I did while watching ‘Pineapple Express'. It is definitely by far the funniest movie of the year. There were a few parts where I laughed so hard something inside of me exploded, by the end of the movie my body was leaking fluids all over the place. Not something you want to imagine I know, but it's true. Don't judge me. I was never really a big fan of the stoner film genre. Is that even a genre? But, I loved this movie. ‘Pineapple Express' is a buddy bro's before ho's flick. If you have seen the preview for it, which I am sure you have, that's pretty much the plot of the movie. What they don't show you is that's there are crazy hardcore Asian gangsters involved to.

I loved how the movie started out with a short black & white film with the government doing testing on the effects of smoking weed. It was very funny and a great little cameo appearance that you will like.

Dale Denton who is played by Seth Rogan is one of those guys that goes around serving people with papers from lawyers. That's how the audience is introduced to him. During his paper serving adventures he meets up with his high school girl friend at high school, which is a great scene. Then he stops off to buy some pot from his dealer Saul Silver played by James Franco. Right away you see Saul sees Dale as a close friend and Dale sees Saul as just his dealer by how uncomfortable he is. The movie is about these two guys becoming the best of friends through the shit that they get themselves into.

You don't have to wait to long before that guy gets shot in the head, like you see in the preview, and the movie is off and running. A non stop laugh fest of of great comedy and balls out action!

I really liked the characters of Dale, Seth, and Red. These are the strongest characters in the film and they have the best chemistry on screen. It really seemed everyone else was just there, not very intersting, and very campy. So there is a mix of good chemistry and bad chemistry.

The acting was great for what the movie was. Seth Rogan was funny as always, Danny McBride is definitely on his way up. I am sure we will start seeing him in more movies. James Franco was brilliant! It was awesome to watch him do comedy. I hope we get to see more of that from him in the future. The guy has range and can pull off anything if he wanted to. Everyone is saying he plays the best stoner ever, blah, blah, blah, and it's true the guy is amazing, but that's my point. Why label him the best stoner in the movie and type cast him, when he is just a great comedic actor period. I don't know. He played a great stoner what do you want me to say! Gary Cole as the bad guy Tom was ok, it was very campy B movie acting. Kevin Corrigan as Budlofsky and Craig Robinson as Matheson had their moments. Then there is Rosie Perez ,and she was just awful. I never liked her as an actress. I always found her annoying, but everything about her in this movie is just incredibly bad. I hated watching her while she was on screen. She looked bad, acted bad, and smelled bad. She is the worst part of the movie.

The directing of the movie done by David Gordon Green was fine. Everything he did worked. There was nothing incredible about the direction. He just put together a very solid and very funny action comedy.

They don't hold back in this movie at all. It is incredibly violent and vulgar. People are being shot up all the time throughout the movie with blood splattering, innocent people being shot, Body parts being blown off. It's a good ol' fashion shoot em' up blood fest. They obviously drop the F-bomb a great deal, and make lots of sexual jokes. I would have to say they are mostly gay. In fact that is one other thing it could have cut down on, is the crazy amount of gay nudges. You'll see what I mean when you watch the movie it's like they were trying to either hint something or just be funny. But it happened one to many times.

What I though was most funny about the movie are the little details they threw into the film. There is dialogue delivered in an instant that is very fast and sometimes off camera that is incredibly hilarious. Even the expressions of the actors you can't help but just laugh. James Franco is amazing with his expressions it's in his eyes. Look for it, its so freakin funny. You have to pay attention to the little things. If you do, the movie is going to be that much more funny, and it will enhance your movie going experience.

The story is incredibly fun sometimes it didn't make sense how some things end up happening and there are a few holes that don't get filled. But you still enjoy it.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the fight scene at Reds house. Just the way it all goes down and how everyone panics and starts going ballistic on each other is just funny as hell. It is a very brutal fight scene to. I mean they really beat the shit out of each other, but in a funny way.

I suggest to leave the kids at home unless you don't give a damn.

‘Pineapple Express' is a great action comedy! I know it is being labeled as this stoner movie, but I just think it is better than that. So I am placing it in the action comedy section. More comedy that action, even though there is a lot of action. Look! If you like Action films you are going to love it, If you like Comedy you are going to love it, If you like stoner movies you are going to love it, it you like all of the above you will want to bath yourself in it. I loved it and I think you'll love it to.

No matter what you end up going to see always remember to enjoy your time at the movies!

-Dr. Venkman

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