Another Big Bang for the Abrams Universe

by thedude

Bad Robot!!!!! BAAAAAD BAAAAAD Robot!! Why must you suck me into another series and pose questions that will remain unanswered five years from now?

My interest for "Fringe" was kindled recently upon reading an iesb interview with the LOST man himself JJ Abrams along with the Mighty Ducks man himself (no, not Emilio, the other one) Joshua Jackson. As we all know (of course), after several years as Pacey on Dawson's Creek, Joshua shunned television acting all together to focus on the silver screen. It was this specific program that brought him back. Here's why;

It was this project specifically that drew me back to TV. Frankly, first it was the quality of the script, which is now our pilot and the density of it. And the fact that even while it was a totally satisfying story unto itself, you can see that it was laid in there, the potential for a whole world, a whole universe of other stories.

Now I gotta tell ya, for the first hour of the pilot I wasn't convinced. Sure the people melting on the air plane was cool, sure the see through skin was cool, sure the communicating with the dead in the vat of gelatinous substance was cool, but epic.....? I saw some Twilight Zone in there, I saw some Outer Limits in there, but where was the Lost?

Act 3 Scene 1(or whatever the hell), the plot thickens. Agent Phillip Boyles (Lance Reddick) drops this in our laps;

"In the last nine months there have been three dozen authenticated cases like the Hamburg flight. John Thompson, a normal kid went missing back in 98', reappeared last month half way across the world hadn't aged a day. In the past few months 46 other children who went missing that same year turn up, same story. Local Fisherman off the coast of Sri Lanka, Reports a low flying plane that emits a high pitched frequency that blows out all the windows an hour later later, same spot an 8.7 sub-suface earthquake creates a tsunami that kills 82,000 people. Patient Lisbon wakes up after years in a coma begins writing, just numbers they turn out to be exact real time coordinates of our carrier battle groups in the Pacific, intel thats classified above Top Secret."

The Fringe Universe expands. Will it be another LOST? Tell us what you think.

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