FOX has no Mojo and still plans to bring us more X-Men, Deadpool, and Daredevil

by Joey Paur

Twentieth Century Fox has not been doing to well lately. The summer movies did horrible at the box office! Maybe because they all sucked ass. Lets take a look at the movies that they released this summer.

‘The Happening', ‘Space Chimps', ‘Mirrors', ‘Babylon A.D.', ‘The Rocker', ‘X-Files', and ‘Vegas'.

I myself only saw three out of these 5 films. ‘The Happening' which I can't believe Fox did. I want to know who at the studio read the script and thought it was going to be a hit. The movie was awful. ‘The Rocker' was actually ok but it went up against really amazing comedies like ‘Pineapple Express' and ‘Tropic Thunder', Rocker didn't stand a chance. Mirrors just looks bad. ‘X-Files: I Want to believe' was also a poorly executed film. The director of Babylon A.D. said his own movie sucked and blamed Fox.

Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman are co-chairmen and CEO's. These guys obviously have very bad taste in films. From what I have heard this Tom Rothman guy likes to strut his power, and in the process ruin movies that may have been good. Here is wahat Variety reports on how the strategy of being cheap and eschewing top-tier filmmakers came back to bite Fox in the ass:

Although Fox has been the envy of many for its remarkable box office consistency and profit margins, many producers, agents and managers have been less than charmed. Complaints about the studio's tendency to lowball talent -- particularly writers -- and Rothman's micro-managing of productions have become widespread. A broad spectrum of reps say they are reluctant to place clients on Fox projects, citing a talent-unfriendly atmosphere. Two recent productions, "Babylon A.D." and "Wolverine," were rumored to have gone through Fox's on-set maelstrom.

Who is going to want to work with a studio that is talent-unfriendly.

On the eve of the film's release, "Babylon" helmer Mathieu Kassovitz publicly claimed the studio ruined his longtime passion project. "Wolverine" helmer Gavin Hood was nearly fired, according to sources, because of squabbles with the studio, and two backup directors were in place before Richard Donner -- who is married to the film's producer Lauren Shuler Donner -- flew to the Australian set to smooth things over. At the time, Fox insisted that Richard Donner was on-set because he is a producer on the film. However, current credits for the film list various producers, but Donner is not one of them.

Wow! There is some crazy shady business going on over at Fox. Why they hell hire a director if they didn't like the direction he wanted to take Wolverine. We reported not to long ago that Tom Rothman had Gavin's gritty and dark Wolverine set re-done to be not so gritty and a bit brighter because Wolverine is such a happy guy. He loves sunshine and rainbows. Tom Rothman is a nut job. When ‘X-Men: Origins' comes out and it sucks Tom Rothman is the reason. They also changed up the character of Deadpool. He will not be the wiseass funny spaz we grew up with. I'm sure Tom thought it would be better to turn him into this serious guy and make him like everyone else.

Now that I look back at Comic-Con and the footage Hugh Jackman showed the fans I see that as a total power play against FOX, and it may have saved Gavin Hood his job and the movie. Tom Rothman probably wanted to cut Wolverine down to a very light PG-13. By showing the fans what they had and by the positive reaction of the crowd the fans may have saved what is left of this movie. Deadpool can't be saved though. They barely even showed him in the film clip.

On top of all this FOX has set that lawsuit up against Warner Bros and ‘Watchmen' That's not winning them any brownie points with the fans. That was just a dick move by Fox and they deserve to get hammered for it.

Here is what's crazy! Fox isn't changing! They are sticking to the same formula that has destroyed them and their films!

But if there were any lessons learned from summer 2008, Fox doesn't appear to be altering its course. Producers, agents and managers see business as usual on the Century City lot, with the only exception being a drastic strategic makeover for Fox partner New Regency, which is moving into more highbrow fare. One agent says former Fox exec and current Regency co-chairman Hutch Parker has made it clear to the community that he is looking forward to working with the kinds of directors he never could at Fox and that Regency will now be the filmmaker-friendly part of the Fox family.

Lets hope Hutch can really make that happen. I am sure Fox will interfere with New regency and give him hell like they have been doing with everyone else.

So What's on Fox's agenda for the future?

Though Fox has no plans for a major overhaul, the studio has scheduled a strategy meeting to assess the status of its superheroes, a group sorely missed this summer. On the agenda, Fox will mull the possibility of more "X-Men" spinoffs, including a young-X-Men project as well as "Deadpool," based on a character played by Ryan Reynolds in "Wolverine." The studio is even considering reviving the "Daredevil" property.

So more X-Men Movies, A Deadpool flick, and a reimagining of Daredevil. Jason Stathem will be happy to hear that. Honestly as much as I like these comic books and characters I am not excited for the movies for the simple fact that if Fox is not going to change then all of these productions will most likely have problems and end up being shit anyway.

What do you think? I have lost faith in Fox.

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