Dr. Venkman DVD Review: 'Shutter' was shit

by Joey Paur

The review contains Major Spoilers, but you really shouldn't care anyway the movie was crap.Shutter was such a terrible horror movie in every way possible. There was really nothing good or remotely interesting about it. Well ok, the female lead Racheal Taylor was pretty cute but that's about it. It wasn't even one of those movies that it is so bad you laugh, it was literally just "so bad". After the first 15 minutes of the film all I could think about was, why did this movie get green lit? How bad the dialogue was, and how stupidly predictable the story was. It's like you know at the very beginning of the film that Joshua Jackson's character was involved with the death of the girl haunting them in the photos. I really hope society is smarter than this movie or we have much to worry about.

So here is the story, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, they get married. Boy gets a job as a photographer in Japan, because, well, scary shit happens in Japan. That's what the movies would have us believe anyway. Girl notices ghosts in pictures and gets freaked out. Ghost is trying to tell girl something. Girl listens to ghost and finds a camera in a closet with photos of boy and friends doing bad things with live ghost girl. Boy's friends die. Girl confronts boy, boy defends his actions saying ghost girl was crazy, that she wouldn't leave him alone. So boy gets friends to drug her. Flashback. Things get out of control boys friends kill her while boy does nothing to stop it. Girl leaves boy. Boy ends up in mental institute with ghost girl on his back.

That's the movie in a nut shell. I wish I was joking but I'm not. Oh! by the way, ghost gil looks like every other Japanese ghost that has been put on film.

There was nothing special about the acting. They could have pulled average people off the street to be in it, and the movie would have been exactly the same. Joshua Jackson plays Benjamin Shaw and Rachael Taylor plays Jane Shaw. Like I said she was cute. David Denman from ‘The Office' and John Hensley from ‘Nip/Tuck' were also in it. They play boy's friends who die.

The film was directed by Masayuki Ochiai and the direction was very mediocre. Nothing stood out, nothing special. It was what it was.

Shutter is devoid of life. It is a hollow film, that offers nothing to the audience. No entertainment and no scares.

If you saw this in the movie theaters I am sorry, but you know you never have to watch it again. If you were thinking of renting I will save you 5 bucks and tell you to wait until it comes out on cable. Even then I wouldn't waste my time, unless there really isn't anything else on. You could always read a good book instead.

-Dr. venkman

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