'The Dark Knight' will Be Rereleased in January

by Joey Paur

You know it's funny, because we were just talking about this on our Podcast this week. We were talking about ways for 'The Dark Knight' to beat Titanic at the box office and rereleasing it into theaters down the line was one of them. So far is has made $512 million. We need it to surpass $601 million. So close people! 

Well it looks like Warner Bros. has decided they are going to put 'The Dark Knight' back into theaters January of 2009. Right before the Academy Awards. I have no doubt it will win a couple Oscars but a studio insider says:

"It's just a matter of bringing it back as a reminder for people,"

They also want to bring back to IMAX screens. So what Oscar Nominations are they hoping to get?

Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film's huge commercial and critical success has spurred talk of possible Oscar nominations for its director, producers and cast -- most specifically Bale's co-star, Health Ledger, for the late actor's edgy performance as the Joker.

So here is a question for you all will Heath Ledger be nominated for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor? I think it should be Actor but I have a feeling the Academy will set him up for Best Supporting to lock the win. 

There is one problem I see with rereleasing 'The Dark Knight', The DVD is going to be released in December. I am going to buy that bad boy on Blu-Ray so what is my incentive to see it in the theaters or anyone else for that matter. Here is an idea that Mazer through out on the Podcast that i will throw out to anyone that is listening.

It you want this rerelease to be successful the when you need to release the movie with some extra footage not shown the first time around. You need to add something to the package that will get the geeks flocking back to theaters like crazy. Something NOT on the DVD, it would have to be exclusive for the rerelease. 

So thats it folks. We will be able to to enjoy 'The Dark Knight' on the big screen over and over again!

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