Inside Look Report on G.I. Joe, Star Trek, and Watchmen

by Joey Paur

It looks like one of Aintitcool's inside spy's saw some footage from a fe films some of us geeks are really looking forward to. He saw footage from G.I. Joe which is getting worse and worse the more I hear about it, Star Trek which is looking better and better, and Watchmen which I am already 100% sold on. And Peter Jacksons next film The Lovely Bones.

Here is what he says:

GI Joe - we saw a number of unfinished scenes including introductions to Duke, The Baroness and Snake Eyes. We also saw a computer generating scene which acted as a story board for the eventual filming. There was a scene where the baroness comes home to France and we got to see the mansion, another scene where a member of GI Joe is captured by COBRA, Chris Eccleston and Arnold Voslo both look on form. Finally we saw a scene which involves a MASSIVE car chase and the eventually toppling of the Eiffel Tower. The film itself look like typical Steven Sommers schtik, massively enjoyable, Sienna Miller looks amazing but I do not think it will fare well with critics, action is very stylised from the scenes I saw, the character development is terrible, Marlon Wayans in particular looked bad!!

Ummm... that didn't help win me over.

Star Trek - We saw the teaser trailer and then we saw what looked to be a very very early version of the full trailer - It showed more footage of Quito as Spock, much more Chris Pine and also some John Cho and Simon Pegg footage. The film looks like immense fun and there seems to be a lot of action in it. There look of the crew and the bridge is spot on and the costumes look like the original but with a more modern and practical twist. We got to see Spock talking to his parent as well and Kirk being told to take more responsibility. There were also a lot of montage scenes involves spaceship battles, gun fights and hand to hand combat. I especially like a short clip where we see the crew running through the corridors of the Enterprise - reminded me of next generation loads.

I agree, Kirk does need to take more responsibility.

Watchmen - We had an intro from Zach Snyder and then I finally got so see the footage they showed at Movie-con. Showed much more Rorschach as well and a little scene between the comedian and 1st silk spectre right before the attempted rape. I'm slightly more optimistic about Ozymadias now having seen him in full costume and his artic palace look really spot on. I get Goosebumps every time I see footage because Snyder seems to have 100% nailed the look of the film, lets just hope the dialogue lives up to the hype, again there was very little spoken word in this footage which worries me.

It will live up to the hype.

Finally we got to see the trailer for lovely bones - have not read the book myself but my girlfriend ensures me that from the footage I described the film should be a massive hit. Trailer is very upsetting but in my mind give away WAY too much of the plot.

I read the book and really liked it. This is going to be an interesting movie. I am curious on how they are going to pull off the story telling. 

So there ya have it folks! What do you think about these movies?

Venkman Out