Artist Spotlight: Arnold Friberg

by Joey Paur

I am not sure if you have ever head of this artist Arnold Friberg or not, but he is old school. The guy has created imagry for one of the greatest epics of our time, 'The Ten Commandments'. He worked with Cecil B. Demille for over three years as chief artist and designer. Friberg did 15 paintings for the film which became the pictorial basis for the movie scenes, characters, and costumes. Cecil B. Demille said:

"when 'The Ten Commandment' paintings toured the world, they were seen by more people than any other paintings except for some of the most celebrated masterpieces such as the 'Mona Lisa,' 'Nightingale,' and 'The Last Supper.'"

I have gone through several pieces of his art and have picked a few that just looked really cool. The reason I bring this kind of art up is because it is an amazing type of art that is dying off. This type of art is not really done anymore, and it has inspired much of what we see today from movies to animation. Friberg was noiminated for an academy award for his work on 'The Ten Commandments'. Check out the art below. I hope you like it.



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