Tobey Maguire Makes His Spiderman 4 and 5 Deal and its HUGE!

by Joey Paur

Tobey Maguire is officially back for two more spider man films and here are the details on the deal and contract he will be getting:

He has been granted "family time" with his young daughter durring the filming of the next two Spiderman movies. The is awesome I have never heard of a deal like this and apparently it is the first of its kind. Good for him.

Tobey will make about $50 Million Dollars for both films, which is more than Keanu Reeves made when he shot the last 2 matrix movies back to back. Thats a lot of freakin money!

I am sure there is more involved but these are the biggest points to hit. This information comes from timesonline. They also go on to say:

"Tobey admits he is obsessive-compulsive about everything he does, and raising Ruby is no different," a friend said last week. "There's no way Tobey would allow work, no matter how well paid, to get between him and Ruby, and Sony realised that."


Sony, which declined to comment, is thought to have been wary of allowing “family time” because it could set a precedent. Finally its chairman, Amy Pascal, herself a mother, stepped in, saying six months without family time would not be fair on any parent.

In the next few days Sony is expected to reveal whether Maguire’s ex-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst will be returning as his on-screen love interest, Mary Jane Watson. Dunst, 26, has recently talked about a struggle with clinical depression.

Well, I have to say the guy got himself an amazing deal. He get to be Spiderman again, Spend time with his daughter, and make 50 million dollars in the process. Sweet.

I am glad he is coming back to reprise his role as Spiderman.

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