Brett Ratner to Take on Conan?

by Joey Paur

It's like Brett Ratners name is being thrown all over Hollywood! How many projects is this guy working on? It seems like he has been talking an awful lot about several different projects but he still have yet to start making one of them. I think 'Beverly Hills cop 4' is for sure but who knows.

So today dreadcentral brings us some more Brett Ratner directing rumor news. This time that he could possibly end up directing the new 'Conan' film for Lionsgate.

We got word today that Nu Image is offering the long-awaited new Conan movie to, of all people, Brett Ratner. Over the years there have been so directors circling this project, everyone from Robert Rodriguez to Rob Zombie, the fact that Brett Ratner might actually attach himself to this and make it a reality is almost enough to make one wish they'd just stop trying to bring Robert E. Howard's creation back to the big screen.

I agree with everything they have to say, but Lionsgate is going to make this movie anyway. It is going to be their biggest budget movie so far. I think I am just going to give up and say that at this point I really don't care who ends up directing 'Conan', so many people have been attached to direct it. Lets face it, they aren't going to get a great director to make this film, hell they aren't even looking for one! Lets just hope the script is good. If they have a good script and story all they need is someone to point and shoot, which is pretty much what they are looking for if they are after Ratner.

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