Brett Ratners 'Superman' Movie Details

by Joey Paur

As you may or may not know Brett Ratner and Bryan Singer swapped movies. Singer was on Board with X-Men 3 before he went and directed Superman and Ratner was on Superman before he ended up directing X-Men 3. If they only would have stayed where they belonged we probably would have got a great X-Men 3 movie and a great Superman movie. Whoa! Hold on there, don't I hate Brett Ratner as a director? Yes. But maybe I wouldn't hate him so much had he did the Superman because this sounds Awesome!Brett Ratner Recently let out some of the story details for the superman movie he was making with screenwriter J.J. Abrams. Oh yeah! He wrote the script! So here is what he recently told MTV:

"The original movie I was going to be a part of, took place on Krypton for about half of the movie. So it was much more otherworldly, and much darker, because there was a civil war on Krypton. You'd get more of the history."

"The Death of Superman" and the art of Alex Ross.

"That wasn't just darker, but cooler, in my mind," Ratner said. "That was what we were going to model the visuals after. When you have to translate it to a cinematic world, it's a whole different animal, and he's one of the best Superman artists I've ever seen."

First of all I love the Art of Alex Ross as well and to translate his art into a movie style would be unbelievable! That is the Superman movie I would have loved to see! He then goes on to talk about casting:

“I definitely agreed with Bryan Singer that you need an unknown actor, I was going to surround Superman with known actors, but it’s important to get an unknown. I love Tom Cruise, but to have someone like him who you see as Tom Cruise would be a mistake.”

Yes it would, but I have always been op board for an unknown actor as well to play Superman.

"Maybe we can go back to it one day," he said.

So had these two directors not switched places we may could have had 2 amazing superhero movies instead of the films we got. And! I wouldn't be on the Ratner hater bus!

Would you give Ratner the chance to make his Superman movie?

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