Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'Ghost Town' go and see it!

by Joey Paur


You honestly cannot go wrong going to this movie. This is a fantastically witty film for anybody, regardless of what your tastes in movies are. It reaches out to everyone. From beginning to end you can't help but have a smile on your face. Ricky Gervais as Bertram Pincus D.D.S. is Awesome. He is great in pretty much everything he does but he takes it to a whole new level of funny in 'Ghost Town'. He has great comedic timing. I love watching him act because they guy is so damn funny. In this movie he plays an awkward douche bag kind of guy. He hates people and just does not want to be around them. The way Ricky plays this part is flat out amazing. As much as a dink his character is you still can't help but like him.

The story for the movie is nothing new, it's been done before several times, a living guy can see and talk to dead people. None of these other film have been done quite like this, because it good! It's the characters and the dialogue that help this movie stand out. You really get to know who the characters are, and it is so funny watching Ricky Gervais interact with everyone. I love the script for this movie. It's full of quotable lines, much like how ‘The Office' is. One scene that comes to mind is when Pincus is given this nasty laxative that he has to take before surgery. When he goes into the doctors office the next day the receptionist starts asking him standard form questions, and he's just getting annoyed with her. She finally asks him if he had taken the laxative and if it worked. He was trying to get around the question then finally he blurts out, "I shat! It was like a terrorist attack down there!" There were better lines but thats all I could think of off the top of my head. Its all in the delivery. It was smart witty comedy at its best.

The doctor played by Kristin Wiig that does Pincus' surgery is really funny. She isn't in the movie very long but the scenes that she is in are some of the funniest parts of the movie. The movie is full of great scenes!

Everyone else gave fine performances. Gregg Kinnear plays the main ghost Frank. He is a great actor and he is just as good in this film as he is in everything else he has done. Tea Leoni plays Gwen, Franks widow. I am not a big fan of Leoni as an actress, but she wasn't to bad in this movie. Her presence on screen just annoys the hell out of me for some reason.

Now Frank isn't the only ghost that wants Pincus' help. He is constantly being followed by all kinds of ghosts that want his help, including the naked guy. The movie also has an interesting concept that I really liked. If a ghost walks through a person, or person walks through a ghost, it causes that person to sneeze. Its simple, but I thought that was a cool little theory. Now everytime I sneeze I am going to think I just walked through a ghost.

‘Ghost Town' is a great comedy! If you are a fan of ‘The Office' you will definitely like this movie and enjoy yourself. Not only is it funny but it is a great feel good movie. There was a point in the film that I could hear people sniffling in the theater. The heart of the story really gives the movie some weight and grounds it in reality, which I liked.

The bottom line: ‘Ghost Town' delivers everything a good movie has to offer.

Whatever you end up seeing always remember to enjoy your time at the movies.

- Dr. Venkman

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