It must be good to be Mark Millar Everyone wants a pieace of 'War Heroes'

by Joey Paur

Mark Millar is Hollywoods new hip go to Comic book guy for movies these days. 'Wanted' was a huge success, then his 'Kick Ass' comic book got a kick ass production underway. His new comic book is 'War Heroes'. I have not had a chance to pick it up yet but I hear it pretty amazing. So amazing in fact every major studio in Hollywood is gunning for it. Here is Mark Millar's update on what is going on.

I was in London working (and hanging out with some MW buds) over the last couple of days, but War Heroes officially went out to the studios yesterday after a few weeks of informal chats. I woke up to find a cluster of emails from Martin Spencer, my agent at CAA, and my attorney Harris Miller.

The good news? Pretty much all the big guys in town are going in for this and things should really start moving in the next couple of days. Tony and I had a dream director in mind for the project and, weirdly, he was the first email, suggesting he directs if his production company gets their hands on the material. But three genuine heroes are already in the mix for this so I have a feeling we're going to end up in good hands.

How awesome is that! They have a dream director in mind and he or she is ready to jump on it if they get it. I am really interested in who this director is. As I am sure you are as well. Anyone care to speculate?

After weeks of informal chats (we wanted to wait until issue two was actually in print and they had either script or full plot for the remaining issues) we're really going to MOVE now. It's going to be an exciting few days, I think. As ever, I'll keep you posted. But this is my last NEW Hollywood thing until the Spring. I've pretty much finished all my current commitments and want to get deep into Ultimate Avengers before I start up anything else.

Like I said it must be good to be Mark Millar. They guy is doing what he loves, having a blast, and is making great money doing it.

I am am very excited to see 'Kick Ass' it is going to be one incredibly original violent movie.

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