David Fincher to Paramount Pictures "Fu*k You"

by Joey Paur

Wow. I had heard that Paramount and David Fincher were at odds regarding the length of his upcoming movie 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' but I didn't think it would be this bad. It's to the point where he packed up and took his next film project that he is Executive Producing 'Heavy Metal' over to Sony. Now I have read on several websites that they saw 20 min. of footage of Finchers next movie, none of them had anything positive to say about it. They saw 20 min of random footage not in the context that it was supposed to be seen in, of course it's going to be a little lame, which is why I don't buy into what they are saying. Kevin Eastman the current editor and publisher of 'Heavy Metal' and creator of Ninja Turtles has this to say at playlist:

"We developed it for Paramount in January... And it was time for them to make a decision [about going forward with the project] and they were at odds with Fincher over another project, 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,' [because] they wanted him to reduce the running time... and so they said, 'Until you step up to do what we want you to do with Benjamin, we're not going to greenlight any other of [your] movies.' And David said, 'Fine, fuck you, I'm going to set up [Heavy Metal] somewhere else,' so we jumped over to Sony and set it up there."

Boom baby! I am happy to hear David Fincher is standing up for his work. 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button', has since been edited down to 2 and a half hours. I am a huge Fincher fan and I just want to see the movie he intended for the audience to see. This movie is still Paramounts best chance of getting a Oscar nominaton this year. I think it will happen. I have not seem many Oscar Worthy films this year so far so Benjamin Button has a strong chance.

I hate that studios and creative talent can't see eye to eye on some things. I still think Benjamin Button will end up being David Finchers best film to date.  David fincher is an amazing storyteller and filmmaker, he will always find a place to make his movies. What do you think?

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