Wanted Director Timur Bekmambetov to Direct 'Moby Dick'

by Joey Paur

This may sound like very cool news, but I am sorry to say this news is awful. I was excited at first! Then I read what Universal Pictures and Bekmambetov plan on doing with this timeless classic. They are going to pretty much take the title of Moby dick as a marketing ploy and they are changing the whole story that will in no way represent what Moby Dick is.

Universal Pictures has made a splashy preemptive buy of "Moby Dick," a reimagining of the Herman Melville whale tale that Timur Bekmambetov ("Wanted") will direct.

Studio paid high six figures to Adam Cooper and Bill Collage to pen the screenplay.

The writers revere Melville's original text, but their graphic novel-style version will change the structure. Gone is the first-person narration by the young seaman Ishmael, who observes how Ahab's obsession with killing the great white whale overwhelms his good judgment as captain.

Why would they want to take the first person narration of Ishmael out of the story?

This change will allow them to depict the whale's decimation of other ships prior to its encounter with Ahab's Pequod, and Ahab will be depicted more as a charismatic leader than a brooding obsessive.

WTF!? Ahab is isn't even Ahab in this version! His obsession with Moby Dick is what drives the story! It is what makes Moby Dick the amazing story that it is!

"Our vision isn't your grandfather's Moby Dick, " Cooper said. "This is an opportunity to take a timeless classic and capitalize on the advances in visual effects to tell what at its core is an action-adventure revenge story."

Oh yeah they sure are taking the opportunity to take a timeless classic and ruin the hell out it it! You can still use the amazing effects we have to today and make an amazing movie using the original story! What the hell? Why didn't they think of that?

"We wanted to take a graphic novel sensibility to a classic narrative," said Collage. They brought it to the Wibberlys, the "National Treasure" scribes who are branching into producing and will team with Stuber. The project then caught the fancy of Bekmambetov and Lemley, who teamed with the helmer on "Wanted."

Good grief! They are bringing in the talentless writers of National Treasure to rewrite a crap ass version of Herman Melville's amazing Novel. These guy's are good enough to write Saturday morning cartoons.

I am really upset about this. They have a amazing story and novel at their disposal and they are actually disposing of it! Throwing the heart of the story out and replacing it with mindless drivel. Hollywood Bastards did it again.

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