Shane Black directing 'Cold Warrior'

by Joey Paur

If you have no idea who Shane Black is, he directed the movie 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', which was a pretty good movie. He also wrote the 'Lethal Weapon' flicks and it was rumored he was going to do a 5th 'Lethal Weapon' film, but it looks like thats not happening anymore because he is attached to direct a new project called 'Cold Warrior' variety reports:

Based on a script by Chuck Mondry, pic revolves around a spy from the Cold War era who comes out of retirement to team with a younger agent from the new school to confront a domestic terrorism threat orchestrated by Russia.

It could be an interesting movie. They don't give very much information on it, but there it is. Hopefully we get some more story details so we can hype it up or bury it. I guess the big news here is is that  Lethal Weapon 5 is not going to happen anytime soon.



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