"Boondock Saints 2" Video Diaries

by thedude

If you are like me, and a good majority of geekdom, you know and love the tastefully violent look into Irish American serial killer life brought in "Boondock Saints". It was revealed in May that part 2 of this wickedly awesome film was in the works. Currently, the boys are in pre production scouting locations all around the states and Canada. A recent article from Geeks of Doom has brought to my attention (and quite frankly I feel a bit sheepish for not finding this sooner) that a plethora of pre production video diaries director Troy Duffy has been amassing over the past several weeks are readily available on you tube.

Check out Troy as he picks the brains of his AD and Producer, rumages through a wicked awesome gun vault, and describes the general awesomeness that will be Boondock Saints 2. You can find these diaries on you tube under the realboondocksaints videos page. Even if you are not an avid Saints fan, I suggest checking these videos out just to get a cool inside look on the filmmaking process. Couldn't hurt right? Here is a taste:

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