WB to make 'I Am Legend' Prequel Film

by Joey Paur

It looks like Warner Bros. has started the ignition on a prequel to the Will Smith film 'I Am Legend'. I liked the first movie. Will Smith did a great job. The Two things I didn't like: the ending and the zombie design. I liked the old school Vincint Price 'The Last Man on Earth' version better. It was much more creepy. Variety reports:

The plan is for Smith to reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville, with Francis Lawrence returning to direct. Akiva Goldsman and his Weed Road banner will produce with James Lassiter, Smith's partner in Overbrook Entertainment.

The studio has set D.B. Weiss to write a script that is based on a detailed outline that was hatched over the past few months by Smith, Goldsman, Lassiter and Lawrence.

The prequel will chronicle the final days of humanity in New York before a man-made virus caused a plague that left Smith's character the lone survivor among a mutated mob in the city.

Making a prequel was the only way to extend a franchise that grossed $584 million worldwide for Warner Bros. and keep Smith in the lead role. His character was killed in the first film, after extracting a potential cure for the virus for the scattered survivors.

Had they not went with the crappy ending of the film, then they could have went on to a sequel as well and made even more money. The prequel sounds like it is going to be just another genre Zombie film. There is nothing really new or different they can do with the story it is already planned out. It will be interesting to see if Smith comes back to reprise his role. I am sure if they offer him $25 million dollars he's in no matter how bad it could end up being.

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