Watchmen Lawsuit Update: Batman is Involved Now

by Joey Paur


As we all know Fox has stepped in to sue Warnwer Bros and every other production company involved with Zack Snyders 'Wathmen' film. From everything that is going on it looks like they have a strong case. So what is it that Fox wants out of all this? Money from Warner Bros? Payoff? Profits? According to it is none of these things. So what is it? Batman. Here is what they say:

Sources tell me that Fox want the 1960s Batman TV series. Currently Fox own the TV footage, but Warner Bros own the characters and trademarks, via their ownership of DC Comics. The rights to a DVD release have been held up for a long time now, and this case looks like it may be the instrument to release them.

All this so that FOX can release a DVD box set?

I seriously doubt that all they are going after are the rights to the 1960's Batman TV show. That is really hard to believe. It may be one of serveal other things that they want like money, money, and money. They will most likely get it too. Batman is a huge money maker as well, so of course while they are at it they might as well take the Batman series away from WB as well. What a bunch of pricks.