Bill Murray Talks about Ghostbusters 3

by Joey Paur

We've heard Dan Akroyd talk about it, we've heard Harold Ramis talk about it, each said Bill Murray would do it, but we haven't heard from the man himself unitl now. He recently made an apperance at a screening of 'City of Ember' and the Ghostbusters 3 question came up and here is what Billy Murray had to say.

"I think the wounds from Ghostbusters 2 have healed, Murray joked, the crowd errupting in laughter. "And supposedly they have hired two guys from The Office to write a script. So that could work. I think that's a good idea to get a fresh look at... I always liked the characters. The characters are fun. And we did have a lot of fun making the movie. The first one was really a lot of fun to make. And I think the first 45 minutes of Ghostbusters is about as fun as a movie gets."

He right ya know. He then talks about what went wrong with Ghostbusters 2.

"We didn't have a lot of special effects in it. There were just a couple. It was just the funny characters in that world, and I like that movie because of it. The first movie had like 60 plate shots. The second movie had like hundreds. Those guys got their hands on the script early, and it was GONE. It went away. It was hard to wrangle because it was tied all around the effects without the story or the characters coming first. So, they are hard movies to write, and Dan really caught it with that first one.

Hopefully The Office's Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg who are writing the 3rd movie right now are listening. They don't want to make the same mistakes.

"The characters are fun to do. We did the video game this summer and it was fun to do it again. I found myself walking down fifth avenue singing the song. People were like ‘wow that actor is really full of himself'.

Well it sounds like he would be up for a third movie so thats great! They could really bust some heads!

You can watch Murray talk about Ghostbusters 3 in the video clip below, around the 5:15 mark.