George Clooney as The Lone Ranger?

by Joey Paur

I just don't see it. Disney recently announced that Johnny Depp would play Tonto., the Lone Ranger. AICN is saying that Clooney is currently in talks to play the masked hero. He has shown a great deal of interest in playing the character.

First of all, why would Clooney want to play second man to Depp. I know Tonto is the side kick but I have a feeling they are really going to beef it up for Johnny. You know he's going to pull out some amazing character that is going to make The Lone ranger look so plain and ordinary.

Second of all, I just don't see Clooney as ‘The Lone Ranger' I think he is a bit to old to be playing that guy. But whatever happens, happens. He is a much better choice than Nic Cage.

What do you think? Is Clooney the man for the masked ranger job?


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