New Batman Cast in Justice League movie

by Joey Paur

Hold on a sec. Is this movie still happening? Last I had heard it was turned off. Now is back on again? Lets just say its floating in limbo. The latest news that has been spit out onto the internet is that Batman has been cast and it's not Christian Bale. We've know for some time Bale would be in it, but I don't know about this new guy.

The guys name is Armie Hammer. Like the baking soda? The guy is a unknown actor that was handpicked by George Miller to play Bruce Wayne in Justice League. Here is what he has to say to e-online regarding the film:

"I would spend hours training with actual guns to prepare me for this stuff," Hammer said. "It was very intense. Our workout regimens were so rigorous that most of us would vomit."

He added, "We weren't trying to get ourselves aesthetically good looking. We were trying to get ready for the demands of shooting."

He's already been fitted for the superhero costume, which he says features functioning equipment, including trademark Batman weapons like spring-loaded titanium Bat-erangs. "I was looking down, and I was thinking, This is the best," Hammer said of the first time he put on the entire ensemble. "Then I stood up, and they turned me around, and I faced a mirror-there was Batman. But then it hit me like a ton of bricks-it's not just Batman, it's me!"

Of course it's you! Who else would be in the costume that you are wearing? Obviously not the brightest tool in the shed. It's interesting they went with an unknown actor. I wonder how the fans will react. The more unknown actors in the film, the less marketable the movie becomes. It will be interesting to see if and when this version of the justice league movie will even get made. Your Thoughts?


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