Roger Ebert Made me laugh today

by Joey Paur

This is pretty damn funny. Roger Ebert has a Ebert's Movie Answer Man column on his website and this guy sends a comment in saying that he liked 'Disaster Movie' which is pretty sad in the first place. But Ebert responds beck to this guy in his native slang tounge and its awesome! Here it is.

Question: Yo dude, u missed out on "Disaster Movie," a hardcore laugh-ur-@zz-off movie! Y U not review this movie!? It was funny as #ell! Prolly the funniest movie of the summer! U never review these, wat up wit dat?

Ebert's Response: Hey, bro, I wuz buzier than $#i+, @d they never shoed it b4 hand. I peeped in the IMDb and saw it zoomed to #1 as the low$ie$t flic of all time, wit @ lame-@zz UZer Rating of 1.3. U liked it? Wat up wit dat?

Wat is up wit dat?

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