Tim Robbins has never done and will never do a movie Sequel

by Joey Paur

You gotta respect a guy that wont sell ou to a sequel for money. Tim Robbins has come out and said he would never do a sequel. He talked to MTV about:

"I wouldn't want to do it," he said of the sequel talk he's heard over the years for films like "Bull Durham." "I don't like sequels, so I don't want to do sequels."

"[The studios] just figure name recognition will get you... It's kinda cynical, actually. It's manipulation."

I am sure some silly studio executive appraoched him and said "Hey! How about we make a Shawshank Remption part 2!?" You know it happened.

"Yeah, but where would you go? It would be like ‘Andy and Red's Girls Gone Wild'," he laughed, remembering the now-classic finale that had the prison inmates rendezvousing on a beach in Zihuatenejo to live happily ever after.

"[Now] they've got a bar, hot college chicks," he laughed dismissively. "I don't think anyone wants to see that."

He's right. Check out the Video Interview below.

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