Blade Runner 2 Confirmation

by Joey Paur

Wow, I would have never thought anyone would dare do a sequel to the Sci-Fi Classic 'Blade Runner'. It is a couple of co-writers of the recent film 'Eagle Eye' that have dared to take on the project. Travis Wright and John Glenn wait, Who? Writers Alex Kurtzman or Roberto Orci are not involved at all. This new comes from /film and here are some details that they recently found out from Travis Wright.

Wright produced a 2005 animated movie which spoofed disaster films, called Disaster! The Movie. While at UCLA, Wright won the Jack Nicholson prize in screenwriting for his WWII drama Hunting the Wolf. At one point Wright and Glenn were attached to write a remake of The Warriors for Tony Scott/Paramount and Louis Leterrier's remake of Clash of the Titans.

Wright revealed at the Creative Screenwriting event that they have been working on various treatments for a Blade Runner sequel over the last couple years. And there is also the claim that recently the duo have been working with Blade Runner co-executive producer Bud Yorkin on the project. It should be noted that Yorkin likely doesn't control the rights to a Blade Runner sequel, and all of this is being developed outside of the studio. But this isn't just some small side project, Travis also claims that they are already working with a previsualization team on some of the hunter action sequences for their eventual pitch with the studio. I don't believe that Ridley Scott is involved, but the screenwriting team has worked directly with his brother Tony Scott on projects, so their might be a possible connection.

Honestly, who do these guys think they are? They have yet to establish a career in Hollywood and they already want to piss off every Sci-fi fan in the world by trying to make a sequel to the legendary sci-fi movie 'Blade Runner'? There is no reason for a sequel! Especially if Ford and Scott wont be back. I am sure they are smart enough to stay away from this thing. These guys where like a second string writing team on 'Eagle Eye'. They have no business touching 'Blade Runner'. They need to stop. I wouldn't even trust Alex Kurtzman or Roberto Orci one writing that script. It should never be done.



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