McG never got Cameron's blessing on Terminator Salvation

by Joey Paur

I was there when he showed the Terminator Salvation footage and got everyone incredibly pumped up to see the movie. At first I was not excited at all and could care less about Terminator Salvation. After Comic-Con though I have to admit I was pumped to see it. While there he told everyone that he had the blessing of James Cameron. Well, it looks like Mr. James Cameron has no idea what the movie is going to be like and gave no kind of blessing to the film. He never saw a script. Filmonic caught up with Cameron and here is what was said:

Q. Are you involved at all in the Christian Bale production of Terminator 4?

It could be a big steaming pile or it could be brilliant. Sam Worthington is in the Avatar and the new Terminator and he likes the script, but I never saw it. There was no blessing involved.

No blessing involved. So what in the hell was McG talking about? Why would he say that? I guess he just wanted to tell the fans what they wanted to hear. He should have known the lie would catch up to him. It really doesn't make any difference to me. I was sold on the footage I saw. It just makes him look like a fool.

Maybe after Sam Worthington told James Cameron about it, Cameron replied with a casual "cool". Sam told McG that Cameron said "cool". McG takes it as his blessing.



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