Zack Snyder, Video Game Producer

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Zack Snyder

'300' director Zack Snyder has signed with EA to produce three original video games. Snyder joins the likes of Steven Speilburg, Perer Jakson, and John Woo as a small group of big screen directors trying their hand on the gamers circuit. EA's first go with a tinsel town hotshot was in 2005 when they collaborated with Steven Speilburg on a puzzle game called "Boom Blox", which opened to moderate success.

Apparently EA has some tricks up their sleeves and they are already planning their next move. Variety reports;

EA will own the intellectual properties (of the games), but under the deal the publisher may turn some or all of them into films that will be produced by Snyder’s Cruel & Unusual Films banner, which is run by the director with co-president Deborah Snyder and producer Wesley Coller.

Smart move for EA, they might as well take advantage of the huge public interest in comic book and geek culture while it is still in its adolescence. Of course the idea of bringing original video games to the screen is no new thang, my personal fav was 1994's smash hit 'Street Fighter'. That Van Damme is a sexy beast I tells you. Anyway, moving on. Look for Zach's upcoming games on shelves in the not too distant future.

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