'My Name is Bruce' has got a Poster

by Joey Paur

Bruce Campbell is awesome and he can do no wrong! I will watch anything this guy is in, because he is one hell of a fun actor to watch on screen. The guy has a presence on screen that no one else can pull off. Someone give this man an Oscar! I am very excited for this film and have been since I heard about it. If you dont already know:

This plot revolves around Bruce Campbell, who is playing himself throughout the piece being mistaken by fans for Ashley J. Williams from the Evil Dead movies. Due to this mistake he is dragged from his trailer park home to battle the avatar of the Chinese war diety Guan Di.

Sounds like the perfect Bruce Campbell movie beside 'Evil Dead 4'. So here is the Poster and the trailer is below that if you missed it. Are there any Bruce Campbell/Evil Dead fans that don't want to see this film? Thats what i thought.



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