Good Grief. Brett Ratner is going to make 'God of War' as well

by Joey Paur

Who is this guy? This is just getting out of hand! It seems like every week for the last 4 months Douche bag director Brett Ratner has announced a new film project that he is directing. So this week, The Rat is going to direct the video game adaption of ‘God of War'.

Honestly, this guy just needs to shut the hell up. If he's directing ‘God of War' I'm out. I just can't stand this guy. It is like finger nails scratching on a chalk board when I come across news that he is directing another movie. I would rather ‘God of War' NOT be made into a movie at all if he is going to direct it.

We can only hope that all of these projects he is so called "directing" falls through and we never have to hear about The Rat directing another movie again.

Does the studio realize they could have a pretty amazing movie on their hands? They don't have to settle with The Rat as a director.

Next week The Rat will announce that he will be directing Saving Private Ryan Part 2, and the entire original cast will be back to reprise their roles.

Click Here to see the little video clip at UGO where he makes his announcement. This guy just looks and sounds annoying. Could you imagine being on the set of one of his films and have to listen to this guy all day long?


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