Tom Cruise to Voice Villian in Shrek 4

by Joey Paur

I thought Tom Cruise was great in 'Tropic Thunder' It makes me wonder if the whole scientology thing is an act. Maybe he is such a good actor that he is just fooling everybody. You've seen the interviews hes given! The guy is funny! According to cinemablend he is being considered to voive the villian in Shrek Part 4 here is what they say:

Tonight I got an email from one of our regular sources at DreamWorks, whispering in my ear to let you know that Tom Cruise is being considered to voice one of the villains in Shrek Goes Fourth. The sequel is due out in 2010 and this time it's being directed by Mike Mitchell, who is rumored to be something of a Tom Cruise fan. He also has a history of working with high-profile Scientologists. In 2005 he directed Kelly Preston in Sky High.

Correct me if I'm wrong but you don't consider Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise considers you.

In the end I don't really need or want to see another Shrek movie. Hell! I still havent seen the third one! Plus celebrity voices are just voices to me in a animated movie. I don't care who does the voice if it's done well. Just make a movie with a good story and I'll be there.

Venkman Out

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