Breaking News! Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire are back for Spiderman 4 and 5?!

by Joey Paur

I honestly did not think that this would happen. I thought for sure that everyone would want to go their seperate ways after that last 'Spiderman 3' movie. It was just so bad. Who would want to come back after that bomb? Well, I gues I was wrong.  Sam Raimi and Toby Maguire are both coming back for Spiderman 4 and 5! deadlinehollywood got the scoop and here is what is going on.

Sony doesn't want any info to leak but I'm told that both star Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi will be returning to make Zodiac screenwriter Jamie Vanderbilt's script of Spider-Man 4. Sources tell me that Sony has recently locked in both veterans of Spider-Man 1 through 3. And I do mean recently because just a few weeks ago sources told me that Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal was openly discussing Tobey's potential replacements with various Hollywood agents because Tobey was hanging tough about a deal. "She was looking around to cover herself because Sony wanted him badly and Tobey wasn't sure he wanted to do it," an insider explained to me. There's no deal yet for Kirsten Dunst but Mary Jane Watson will be featured. I'm told Sony "would never recast her" despite her rehab problems.

Of course Sony doesn't want this to leak out. Well it's too late now. I remember latinoreview said they got a list of people in line to replace Tobey Maguire. Better safe than sorry. At the same time it really wouldn't be right making another Spiderman movie without Tobey. The guy is Peter Parker. I can also see why he was hesitant. To get these to guys back on board the this new script must be fantastic. I have to say I am also happy to here about...

the filmmakers won't be borrowing from the latest Batman installment because "Spider-Man is its own thing," one insider tells me. "Sam Raimi made the first serious superhero movie, and others followed. The difference between Spider-Man and Batman is that Batman is duelling with a dark side of himself, and that's not what Peter Parker's struggle is. Peter Parker has no dark side himself. In Spider-Man 3 it was the black costume. Peter Parker's struggle is about sacrifice."

It seems like everyone wants to get in on the 'Dark Knight' Dark action. This superhero "Dark" bandwagon is getting a little out of control. It looks like these guys are not taking that road of darkness. They still wont say who the villain is but they do say this:

"once you find out who the villain is, you'll know who's playing it."

Do you mind if I speculate? I think it will be The Lizard, and it will be played by Dylan Baker who has played Dr. Kurt Connors in both Spiderman 2 and 3. How else would we be able know whos playing him? I'm Just sayin.

Does that mean the villain has been cast? It looks like Sony Pictures also wants to shoot Spiderman parts 4 and 5 at the same time. The 2 reason they want to do it this way, Its Cost effective and they think it would be easier to get the whole gang back together again.

I loved the first 2 Spiderman movies, they were amazing. The third one just killed it for me. But if these guys are all willing to come back for more, and if there is a solid and amazing script, then you can count me in. I will give the story another chance. The question is will you?

Sam Raimi has to make Evil Dead 4 before he makes Spiderman 4.

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