Cobra Commander Info for G.I. Joe The Movie

by Joey Paur

Until now we really have not heard anything regarding the Villain in the G.I. Joe Movie Cobra Commander. All we did know was that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to lead the Cobra terrorist group, and he was excited to play that role. But here are some details that I found from an MTV interview with Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

"As we see it, he's a very twisted character," producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura exclaimed to MTV News, telling us the key to Cobra Commander lies in his gritty past...and that we'll see every grimy piece of it. "As the backstory evolves, you discover why his personality [is like that]."

We've always known Cobra Commander was twisted and evil. The guy wants world domination. Most twisted people have a gritty past, but what is Cobra Commanders? Looks like we will get to see what that is. Is gritty a new Hollywood buzz word?

"I thought what was great in ‘The Dark Knight' was that Heath kept telling you different stories [about his past] so you never knew what it was, and they were all spooky and crazy. [In our film] you get to see it, and you get to understand what's happened to this guy."

Is every movie going to be compared to 'The Dark Knight' for now on? Stop comparing movies to 'The Dark Knight'! Let every movie stand on their own! Its like he thinks G.I. Joe is going to be a better movie because instead of talking about a characters past now you get to see it. Does Bonaventura understand that none of what the Joker talked about his past was true?

Regarding Cobra Commanders Voice, it looks like they will use the cartoon for inspiration:

While it won't exactly match the classic high-pitched wail from the show, the producer says Gordon-Levitt will leave his own vocal stamp on Cobra Commander. "He has an interesting voice. He definitely has a take-off on that. I actually found the voice a little weak in the show...I'm sure I'll get killed for saying that. I don't know, it always seemed kind of silly. Hopefully we're going to be a little more menacing."

Your not going to get killed for saying that. If Gordon-Levitt can improve on whats already been done then I'm all for it. But he will get killed for saying this:

"We'll see Cobra Commander in the Cobra mask [but] it will not be like the show," said di Bonaventura, who also promised they aren't going to the comics for that one either. "I found some of the [mask] aspects a little KKK for me," he said, "so we tried to steer away from that image. We thought that might be a little much."

Ok, you lost me. Cobra Commander will not sport the famous mask because it is To KKK? Dude! They used it in a kids cartoon in the 80's! What the hell are you thinking? Your going to offend someone? Its Blue! KKK is white and pointy! Even if it did look like a KKK mask Cobra Commander is one evil son of a bitch so it would actually be appropriate to have him wear something associated with evil. You might as well take the Cobra logo off of everything to because its a little to Nazi for you! Maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt just wants a little more face time on screen, but I hope its not at the expense of ruining an iconic villain.

I really am hoping so bad that this new G.I. Joe movie will be good, but everything I have seen and heard just makes it look like it is going to be one hell of a bad movie. The more I hear and see anything on it the more I see the filmmakers taking this movie in the wrong direction. What do you think?

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