Matt Damon to star in David Finchers 'Torso'?

by Joey Paur

There has been a lot of news recently about David Fincher and his next few Projects. This 'Torso' film project kind of snuck up on me the other day in this whole mess. I haven't heard much about it until a friend in ohio point out this article to me from It is mostly about studio tax breaks in Ohio and how they risk loosing the $100 million dollar movie project from Paramount Pictures to another state because Ohio doesn't offer any. In the article the reveal a few other details:

Paramount Studios wants to shoot "Torso," a big-budget production that will star Matt Damon as Eliot Ness, early next year in Cleveland. But studio officials say they need incentives to film in the state.

The movie tells the story of Cleveland's Torso or Kingsbury Run murders, in which at least 13 people were killed between 1934 and 1938. The apparently serial slayings, which took place while Ness was city safety director, were never solved.

"It all comes down to what's the best place to get our movie shot for the least money," Mechanic said. "We want to shoot the entire movie, the interior and exterior shots, in Cleveland because that's where the action takes place and so we wouldn't have to relocate the crew. But without incentives, it doesn't look like we can afford it."

Here is the thing that doesn't make sense to me. Kevin Eastman recently said that because of 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' film length blow-out, Fincher took his next couple film projects out of their to have them developed over at Sony. The article was written back in August 26th before all this Fincher and Paramount drama broke. 

As for Matt Damon playing Eliot Ness, I think he is perfect for the role and hope it is true. This could be another great movie for David Fincher. But Whats going on with the Sci-Fi film 'Rendezvous with Rama'? Which is listed on IMDB?

Here is a crime scene photo Click on it to read about the True Story:

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