Russell Crowe as Moriarty in Guy Ritchies Sherlock Holmes

by Joey Paur


Rumor hit the web this week that Russell Crowe was going to play Sherlock Holmes side kick Watson. When I first heard that I knew it wasn't true for the fact that Russel Crowe would never play a side kick to anyone. Then Guy Ritchie came out and said the the rumor was not true. But he didn't say Russell was not in the movie.

Latinoreview is saying they got the exclusive from one of their indide sources saying:

"there is a VERY good chance that Russell Crowe is going to play PROFESSOR MORIARTY"

Ok. I can buy that, I think Russel Crowe would make a great Mastermind Villian, but I am still putting it in the rumor pile because it has not been confirmed yet.

Here is a little something you may not know about Professor Moriarty:

As a student the "evil genius" Professor Moriarty volunteered for medical research duty to pay his way through college. He graduated as a "model student", utterly unaffected by his years of mind-boggling physical and psychological torture.

Thats is the making of a great villian!

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