'24' Production shuts Down to find a new Direction

by Joey Paur

'24' is one of my favorite TV shows and I hate the fact that we already have to wait until January 2009. Now the '24' production is going to shut down once again. Executive Producer Howard Gordon does not like the direction of this next seasons final six episodes. Is it really that bad? I hope they aren't playing it safe by not killing off certain characters. '24' has never really played it safe in that aspect. The trades Report:

"24" will take the time off to rethink the show's ultimate direction and rewrite scripts. 20th said the show should be back in production by Oct. 9.

Kiefer Sutherland and company were able to go dark because the show was already far ahead of schedule, the studio said.

That's because the studio and network decided to pre-empt "24" last year and push its seventh season to January 2009. "24" had already produced eight episodes when the writers' strike put a halt to the season, giving scribes a jump on this year -- and an opportunity to rethink the season's storylines.

Well, at least this little break they are taking to re-think the shows direction wont delay its season premier date, and in the end that all that really matters.

Speaking of '24' I ran into DB Woodside who plays Wayne Palmer at the Gym yesterday.

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