Max Payne Director John Moore Pissed over 'R' rating Says MPAA gave WB a Blowjob For 'Dark Knight'

by Joey Paur

First of all I thought the whole time that this new 'Max Payne' movie coming out staring Mark Wahlberg was was supposed to be rated 'R' all along. I guess I was wrong in everything I have heard about it. Max Payne Director John Moore is very upset that the MPAA gave the movie an 'R' rating. And here is what he has to say about it in an interview with regarding the challenges of making Max Payne a PG-13 film:

It continues to be a challenge. We’re right in the middle of it now. We’re suffering from what I call Batman blowback. The Motion Picture Association of America gave The Dark Knight a PG-13 rating and basically sucked Warner Bros. cock. I have a serious amount of issues with the MPAA. Did you know it was made up of volunteers? As if that somehow excludes them from some type of wrongdoing. You can’t serve on it if you’re a homosexual or if you didn’t grow up in a shared parenthood home. Go to their website and read their charter about what gives a fair and balanced view for typical parents. We’re still strangled by an association that’s straight out of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Everything I have seen from 'Max Payne' looks like it has the makings of an 'R' rated film. Moore is currently in the middle of still trying to cut the movie down to a PG-13 rating. I say leave it 'R'! Just go all out give us the movie the fans of the game want to see! I for one don't want to see a PG-13 'Max Payne' movie. I thought it would be 'R' and I think it should be 'R'. What happened to Mark Wahlberg coming out and saying how much more bad ass this movie was than 'The Dark Knight'? If it's more bad ass then it should be more 'R'. 

John Moore goes on to say in regards to the MPAA telling him the reason for the 'R' rating was because it felt to dark:

They really hung themselves with The Dark Knight. Every other filmmaker in town is knocking on their door saying, “Please sir, may I have my PG-13 rating and be as fair to my movie as you were to The Dark Knight.”

I have to say I totally agree with him on this. the MPAA is really jacked up. They did give 'The Dark Knight' a 'PG-13' rating it is only fair now to let the other films have their 'PG-13' rating as well. I still think 'Max Payne' should be 'R' though, thats the version I want to see. What about you?

Venkman Out!

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