Evil Dead; Big Screen to Broadway to Big Screen

by thedude

Evil Dead, the musical by aubrey.arenas.

Ok so the title is misleading. Evil Dead the musical (no joke, it really happened) was never on Broadway. It started in Toronto, then went off Broadway.

So check this out, producer Don Carmody is in currently in negotiations with Evil Dead man himself Sam Rami on taking Evil Dead, the musial to the big screen.

Now apparently what made the musial so fun (or so they tell me) was the audience participation in the "splatter zone" of the audience. I like it. A version of Evil dead where you can actually be bled on. The interaction of the audience and the gore will not be foregone in this version, oh no, it will most definately be in 3D. After all, 3D is the wave of the future (wave of the future, wave of the future, wave of the future.......((as i slip back into my repressed state of Howard Hughes)) (((thats right, parenthasies within parenthasies within parenthasies, sue me))).

Original stage directors Christopher Bond and choreographer Hinton Battle are set to co direct the extravaganza, they hope to kick it off spring of next year.

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